Economic Dowturns, Public Health and Income Supplements

Doctor of Public Health, is what qualifies me to make evaluations based upon evidence, and about the factors influencing populations.

Whats our strongest indicator of significant change in the disease rates in various categories or classes.

Here’s whats up:
Violence, random murders, social attacks upon minority groups, ethnic groups, social classes, and various others as well.

High percentages of groups are unemployed, hirings are down on a year to year basis, and consumer staples rise in price, making subsistence sstable is not possible in lower classes.
The numbers of unemployed by race reveals the much higher rates for Hispanics and African Americans, our two largest non-Caucasian ethnic groups.
I have been investigating what is out ther in our internet driven world that has real value to people with some savings or IRA accounts to use to grow by earning a rte of return to exceed our real inflation rate, which I’d estimate to be between 6 and 10% on a forward weighted moving average.

I have found a few that appear genuine confirmed by users giving anecodotal reports. THe danger in accepting such reports is obvious, because you cant verify anonymous reports to rule out fraud, deception, or plain old bragging egos having to defend their ability to select a winner. Can you be sure the report is authentic and accurate as much as can be measured some way.

I have found a small fund management group that has reported returns to client investors has been running well over the minimum the firm stands as the minimum they ‘guarantee’. I tjhink they mght say they will cover any quarterly period in which investors returns have been less than 16%, management covers any deficit.
What else I like was that fees are based on exceeding 16% return on your investment.. Your fee is then 3 % of the income they attained for the fund a a whole.
All the investors are in the funds group as with any mutual fund.
Unlike mutual funds using only shares of stock, the fund management team can select options, mostly on a limited basis, short stocks, and other vehicles as determined by the sytem they use to find candidates for high returns in shorter time frames than stock brokers use.
They only collect fees when they exceed the minimum gain in a quarter.
tTheir fee is just 3% of your profits. I also found out that they hae groups of investors who pool money and share profits, and pay only 2% fees if the group is at least $1 miollion dollars. THat sems fairly simple to fulfill, so I would like to inviote others to join me in such a group. I have already invested and am pleased, and its only been a few weeks since I discovered the group and followed their strategy signals, with verifiable outcomes.
So I am now invested in a drug for a disease afflicting many millions who require treatment for their disease with a drug that hase lower rates of effectiveness, requires more inections and thus doctor costs, and has more poor results.
I am up on that one by 20% in a few weeks time. Another one I added on this week is now up 15% if I I understand the numbers on this one’s entry and exit points. The position was reversed and is now up by 3% Since the position was reversed.
Their research brought this trade about, and that speaks volumes about effectiveness.
I am now inviting others to join what I am calling “The A-team Wealth Investment Group”
Interested persons ought to be able to use their venture capital allocation join with a minimum investment of $10,000.
I also think an upper maximum ought be $400,000, with a maximum percent of the investment group total to be less than 50% so the rest of the group retains a majority..

No one investor can dominate and cause problems for minority members when decisions affecting everyone equally must be made. planning on forming A-team Wealth Investment Group.
The Fund managers told me they already have some groups in the Fund. I am able to monitor and report to all the members of our group, using the skills I have develped doing research, augmented by my business and investment analysis work.
I think of how useful this could be with some people who may have a few hundred thousand and can earn 16% minimum, makes a hefty supplement of $2667 a month.
This I would call Economic Coping, and work is done to make choices based upon a clear, valid, and reliable analysis of evidence.
The Bottom Line: “Show Me The Money!”

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